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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Homemade Bread Machine Yogurt with the Joyoung Bread Maker

My son is a big fan of tart and tangy yogurt, which is a good thing right? And I absolutely love having plain yogurt with granola for breakfast. I remembered many years back when I tried to make homemade yogurt all by myself, without any funky gadget but a mason jar and a Styrofoam cooler box in hand. It was tedious, as I needed to heat up the milk on the stove to a certain degree Celcius and monitor the temperature diligently be careful not to over boil it, and measure the temperature of the water needed to fill the Styrofoam cooler box for the yogurt to be incubated in. And then I crossed my fingers for the next 8 hours or so hoping that my yogurt would turn out OK. 

Homemade Bread Machine Yogurt

At the end, was it worth all the effort ? I guess not as that was my first and last time making homemade yogurt. The texture was gritty and off, so I thought it was probably easier and more convenient to just purchase a tub of yogurt off the shelves then.

Homemade Bread Machine Yogurt

This time however, I decided to give it another try. All because of the Joyoung bread maker that comes with a yogurt function which is oh-so-convenient. I briefly searched online for bread machine yogurt recipes but non of the bread makers used have automatic setting like Joyoung. One of the recipes was to be made using the conventional method of heating the milk on the stove, and then transferring it into a mason jar to be incubated inside the bread tin filled with warm water, like a 'water-bath'. Then the bread maker is manually set to the desired temperature and duration of heating. Yes, this method can be done in an oven as well, or even a slow cooker for that matter. And then there is this type of bread maker that comes with a special yogurt-making container, also to be placed inside the bread tin like the above mentioned 'water-bath'. Gotta pre-heat the milk on the stove too I guess, but I may be wrong.

My favourite snack: plain yogurt with granola

The instructions from the Joyoung recipe book left me feeling skeptical at first, because apparently all I needed to do was to pour in the milk and yogurt starter into the tin and then press start. No pre-heating of milk, separate jars/containers or water bath. 

So, instead of using 1 L of fresh milk as stated in the recipe book, I used half the amount to experiment first  because I hate to waste food for that matter if my yogurt fails. The next day when I woke up to the sound of my beeping bread maker, I was so delighted with the sour-tangy whiff of freshly made yogurt when I opened up the lid.

Anyway, here's the recipe  to my homemade bread machine yogurt made with the Joyoung bread maker. I would recommend using the best fresh milk and yogurt you can find at your local supermarket. For this recipe, I used cold fresh milk and yogurt from our local brand Farm Fresh, not the best but I will definitely experiment with other brands soon. Also, I abide to the simple ratio of 1 cup milk : 1 tablespoon yogurt starter in my recipe. Feel free to double up the recipe according to your personal preference.

Homemade Bread Machine Yogurt with the Joyoung Bread Maker

Makes 2 Cups 


2 Cups of Fresh milk (500 ml)
2 Tablespoons of plain yogurt

I use full fat fresh milk and yogurt from Farm Fresh

1) Make sure the bread tin is clean and dry before use. Best is to sterilized with hot water first. Remove kneading paddle. (Honestly, I was too lazy hence I just rinsed with tap water and didn't even bother to dry it at all, glad it worked!)

2) Pour 2 cups of fresh milk into the bread tin, add in the yogurt and stir thoroughly. I used cold milk and yogurt straight out from the fridge, no pre-heating required!

Pour milk and yogurt starter into the bread tin and mix well

3) Close the lid, select yogurt function (C-11), and press start!

Yogurt function C-11 takes 8 hours to complete

The machine will automatically heat up the milk and keep warm to an optimum temperature for the incubation to take place.

8 hours later, you will get this.

Creamy and smooth yogurt

The texture of the yogurt was pretty firm and curdy at first, but it got a lil' more runny as I stirred along. 

Smooth and not gritty at all

It may seem quite runny and thin in the above picture, but it's not. Trust me. 
However if you prefer very thick Greek yogurt texture that can hold a spoon in an upright position, then strain it through a cheesecloth (muslin, or how about a Teh-tarik sieve? hehe) or a sieve lined with coffee filter paper.

Storing the freshly made yogurt into mini glass pudding jars

As you can see here, the texture of the yogurt is not as runny as the previous picture. Instead, it's very smooth, creamy and not gritty at all. It firms up a bit more in the refrigerator too. I store my freshly churned yogurt in mini glass pudding jars. Keep refrigerated and best consumed within a week.


Plain yogurt is best paired with granola, fresh fruits, berries, and may be sweetened with honey or sugar. And here's mine with apple raisin granola, snack-sized portion to curb those hunger pangs in between meals.


Oh ya, don't forget to save some as a starter for the next batch of your homemade yogurt! It can be frozen in ice cube trays and then defrosted before adding into the fresh milk.

So luscious and delicious!


  1. Hi. I tried this yogurt but how come it turned out to be so watery? As watery as the fresh milk when I first poured in. I followed exactly the same method, but forgot to remove paddle. Is it a must to remove the paddle? Does it matter?

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  3. When would we add flavour like strawberries please?

  4. Once it's done. Preferably right before eating :)

  5. Thank you, I meant purée it so like strawberry yoghurt u get from shops. Would you still mix that in at end ?