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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Quiet Book Project - How it all started

When I was a little girl, I used to watch my grandma sew and alter clothes with her old school treadle sewing machine in a room next to my bedroom. I was very curious yet fascinated then, and I would sometimes sneaked into her room when she wasn't around just to fiddle with it and watch the machine spin as I peddled with my short stubby legs.

Pic courtesy of Google

As I grew older, she kinda thought me how to thread and use the machine when I needed to sew some crafty stuff for my school project. So I kinda had a gist of how to sew simple straight and curved lines, and that was it.

Until I had a child of my own and I stumbled upon many interesting baby/toddler D.I.Y. crafty stuff on Etsy and Pinterest that sparked my interest in sewing. So I made a huge leap and bought myself a computerized sewing machine even though I knew nothing much about sewing, just because I didn't wanna regret later on for buying a basic mechanical one that lacks in certain functions like the 1-step button hole, automatic needle threader, alphabet stitch, and a whole load of decorative stitch patterns... Of course given a choice I would love to have an embroidery sewing machine, but it was out of my budget. Hence I settled with a Brother INNOV-IS 50 sewing machine (NV50) which I'm quite satisfied for now.

My cutie trying to emulate me photographing my 'un-boxing moment'

I was a wee bit ambitious because my first ever sewing project (with my new machine) was to sew a quiet book for my precious boy just so that he can be occupied during our 3-4 hour long journey back to our hometown instead of being glued to the iPad, or while waiting for our food to be served at the diners, and also for keepsake purpose.

Ryann's Quiet Book - The Front Cover

I personally never grew up with a quiet book myself, and I don't know if any one of my friends did either.. but basically a quiet book is a homemade fabric book that is designed to keep little ones occupied with their hands busy in church, at the restaurant or during long car rides. I was very inspired when I read on a blog about a mother who was still keeping a quiet book that her mom had sewn for her 30 years ago, and she finally passed it down to her own child now..and boy that vintage quiet book was still in mint condition!

Ryann's Quiet Book - Blue Themed

So, without formal training or lessons on sewing, I finally churned out a 14-paged quiet book that took me almost-2 months to complete. It was really challenging as I had no idea how to even operate my computerized sewing machine, yet alone sew zippers, button holes and appliques. But it was doable all thanks to YouTube and Pinterest. It's so satisfying to see my son enjoying and treasuring it that he even slept with his quiet book! So yeah.. even though it's time-consuming to make one, I really enjoyed sewing the finer details of each and every page that I have to admit it's addictive!

Before touching up and binding the book

The pic above shows only 12 pages before I added 2 more pages which are my favourite of the lot i.e. the Fishing page and the Laundry line page. These pages above were incomplete back then when this picture was taken.. I then added more details to a few pages before binding the book together.

Ryann's Quiet Book - The final product

I will go through each and every page in brief detail in separate blog posts as I think it will be too lengthy to cramp all 14 pages of description into a single blog post. So please bear with me for a while ya?

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